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Transfer & Re-Admit

As of , I will have taken college courses at UT Martin and/or another institution since graduating high school.

Graduate Students

For , I will have an undergraduate degree and will be pursuing a Master's degree.

Are you enrolled in a graduate program at another institution and want to take one or more courses at UTM for that degree?

Have you completed any previous graduate coursework at UT Martin?

Have you completed a Bachelor's Degree at any college or university?

Are you seeking an additional Bachelor's degree?

From which institution did you receive your Bachelor's degree?

Was UT Martin the last university or college you attended?

Are you enrolled in an undergraduate program at another institution and want to take one or more courses at UTM for that degree?

Are you seeking a Bachelor's degree?

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Have you completed any college coursework prior to graduating high school?

Are you pursuing a teaching license?

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L. Graduate Studies: Beginner
M. Graduate Studies: Re-Admit
N. Graduate Studies: Transient
O. Graduate Studies: Transfer
A. Beginning Freshman (no college credit since high school)
D. Undergraduate Transfer (UTM not last college attended)
E. Undergraduate Re-Admit (UTM was last college attended)
F. Undergraduate Transient
G. UT Martin Online (Undergraduate)
H. Undergraduate Special
I. Post-Baccalaureate (Undergraduate)
J. Undergraduate DUAL
K. Undergraduate Concurrent (but not DUAL)
B. Beginning Freshman with UTM credit during high school
C. Beginning Freshman with non-UTM credit during high school